09 March 2008

"The Orchard"

An orchard full of Apple trees
And rising fog surrounded me,
While effervescent silence pressed
My mortal soul outside my chest.
And from the pressing I could feel
The turn of Time's eternal wheel.
And in that moment, knowing all
Of birth and death, a misty pall
Of darkness stretched across the sky--
A flash--and then the raspy sigh
As good and evil, love and lust
Returned to Earth as dust to dust,
And all of Time's humanity
Became my own vivacity.
Alone was mine the hurt and pain--
Alone was mine the love, and then
The sky became a flashing red
As all the Earth returned her dead.
There I fell prostrate by the trees
As all of Man's eternity
Was wrenched from out my burning chest
And breathed again in every breast
The life of new morality
That for a time had lived in me.
The mist rolled back, and there the sky
Shined brilliantly again--and I,
A mortal--rose to walk between
An orchard and its Apple trees.

Travis Shillington


Mary Ellen said...

You're talent never ceases to amaze me!!!!

You do not have the talent of a "normal" (whatever that is) young man but of someone far older.

You need to seriously consider putting all of these in something and finding a publisher.

Travis said...

Thanks Mary. However I have to confess that if you were familiar at all with a famous poem of edna st vincent millay, my poem is not exactly original. though i did like the pictures it paints. ms. millay did it better by far.