14 July 2008

a place exists within this sphere
a place quite minute, yet severe
where sea meets sky and both converse
in languages of rhyme and verse

where whispers taunt the soul to try
to sail against an azure sky,
and sailing there, attempt to find
the soul and mien of Gods own mind.

yet not so boldly would one dare
to venture out against the air 
of that so great a space so vast
containing secrets of the past-

so threatening a place that God
felt safe to hide his golden rod
that with a flash created dawn
from whence descended every pawn.

yet if a daring souls should still
be fool enough to chance the will
of his creator while he seek
the treasure of infinite,

the fool will find what all before
have found when venturing out that shore, 
the key to Gods eternity
cannot be found by you or me.

Travis Shillington
13 July 2008


Tracy said...

Once again you amaze me...........beautiful.

Travis said...

thanks. . .

its encouraging to have a fan. ;D