13 October 2008

roxbury: the way i see it


Sepiru Chris said...

Really lovely blog.

Lovely pictures, and you have really put yourself into your blog.

I am startled and impressed.

I am a random walk traveler in the blog world, because I am new to blogging, I am curious at what else is out there, and more importantly, I am curious about what is "in there", as in what people are willing to share.

It is great to see evidence of a reflective life on a blog after viewing reams of angst ridden or materialistic wish list laden blogs.


Thank you for sharing.

Best wishes,

(maybe, if your have time, you might be willing to take a look at thoughtfood which is a blog of ideas which you can go to via my "blogger" blog. I won't put the site down because I don't want to be pushy, and I am not sure if this is bad etiquette or not, in the blog world, to ask someone to comment on your own site...

But, this isn't shameless promotion. This week the conversation (which, admittedly has not really started yet) is on culture, and what that means, and I would be very interested to hear your views after reading your reflections on the psalm.)

OK, I will shut up and stop typing.

Jodi said...

Hi Travis- so neat! I missed seeing your photograghy...