07 February 2009


We did not know that you would go.
You left so suddenly.
We never dreamed that this was how
Your little life would be.

Jesus took you Home with Him.
We'll never understand.
This we know within our Hearts--
Your fingers clasp His Hand.

Today we saw the sunset glow--
The sky in purple hues.
We could not help but wonder if
A part was brushed by you.

Each stroke of pink and purple waves
Across the sunlit sky.
Was painted there by your sweet hand
As God knelt by your side.

Now though our Hearts are breaking still,
Each sky of purple hue--
We will not help but wonder if
The strokes are brushed by you.

Travis Shillington

6 February 2009


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EJ said...

This is laced with poignant beauty. I'm so glad you have been given such a talented way to express yourself.