17 August 2009

Adoration in the Darkness

When the Night, tossing and turning,
In its bed of velvet black,
Awakes in flashing glory
And the thunder answers back,
When the stars have gladly fallen
Down between the billowed clouds
And slept their fill, their cradles rocked
By Blowing whitened sounds.
When the sun is still afraid to rare its
Haughty head of day
And the rain is playing hide and seek
Above the rolling waves,
When the wind is singing softly in
Some mournful minor key
And an orchestra of hollow trees
Has trembled gradually,
It is now that I will still myself
And listen with my heart
To what I know I've heard before
Yet rarely taken part.
Now the thunder claps the time to
What will grow to be a song
Of Creation sounding praises
Of their God, and then the throng
That gathered here to hear it
Will cry aloud as one
Worthy is the Lamb of God
And Honor to the Son
All Power be to Him, alone,
That sits upon the throne
All Glory, His Eternal,
And His it shall remain
Forever captive in His love
And His Eternal reign.
When the song has softly faded
In the whispers of the waves
I will watch the dying darkness
And anticipate the Day,
For I know with Dawn comes Sunset
And the Dusk is sure to bring
A myriad of praises
With the night, sung to my King.

17 August 2009
Travis Shillington

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Vicki Clifton said...

Beautiful....well written and it spoke to me! What awesome talent! Thanks for sharing it.