11 August 2009

I had a whole lot more to say, but don't think this is the venue, so I'll just say this. 

"Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the Heart". 

I am so tired of the energy that many around me exert in keeping up with the latest news of who is doing and wearing what these days. Who's hair recently got shorter, and who added the wedding band to their daily routine of getting dressed in the morning.

[the absurdity of the sentence above to most of the world struck me. It bothers me that this is even something I can relate to].

 God help me to keep my eyes on Him, because I know I'm tempted and have been guilty of the same thing. I have so many times tried to reason my salvation based on the fact that I've earned it because of what I'm not doing. What a lie I've fallen for so many times.  I pray that God will open my own eyes wider to His abounding Love and Grace, and the inner things of the Heart that He sees. 

On the other side I know there is a tendency for those with more "Freedom" to label those more conservative as legalists. I just wish we could all just forget about the outside appearance and realize that Grace is a Free gift and the most we can do is give Christ our all in return as Gratitude, not payment. 


Vicki Clifton said...

You echo what my mind is thinking...well put, young man. I've been thinking a lot about some of the same stuff...different part of the United States, different circumstances but it seems to not be isolated. My prayer,too, is to find out how I can be more Christ-like and point people to Him, instead of looking and pointing at the outward. Your post encouraged me. Thank you.

S. Lashley said...

Well said. I agree with you. My ex-girlfriend, Sarah, labeled my church family and denomination as legalistic. She certainly had her eyes on our actions and I realize that people do spend too much energy on looking at the appearance. I was embarrassed about it and I couldn't say anything. She was right about a lot of people, as I've noticed. I know I have my salvation when I am at peace and that doesn't come from not doing something, but rather from doing something and I can only listen to God. If God doesn't like what I'm doing or what I've done, He'll tell me. My conscience is pricked and I'll stop. I desire to keep my heart whole, that's all. (The devil can play great trickery and have you feeling all right about what you're doing...so...it can be confusing at times.) Great post, though, Trav. Take care. ;-)