30 January 2008

Happy Birthday...

Sixty-Five years ago today, my grandma was born.
I figure you can still remember someone's birthday after they've passed away.
30 January is alot more pleasant than 6 March in my book.

My grandma taught me so much through her actions.

She showed me what inner beauty was, and she was the most beautiful lady I've ever known or hope to know. She showed me who Jesus was, and what it meant to literally walk and talk with Him. She showed me what true love was. She showed me that the greatest sense of joy comes from selfless giving. She showed me what it meant to sing. Sing from the soul. She showed me what a smile is. She showed me what it meant to live.

Since I really do not know what to say to express how much she meant to me, I'll just give a quote from an article a good friend of mine wrote that included a reference to her and what she meant to those that knew her.

"I think of Dorcas Myers, a dear friend, a loving mother and a cherished grandmother. A lady whose smile could light up any room and who always made you feel like you were the most important person in the room. I can still see that smile looking through her screen door as she would wave to me. Dorcas Myers never made the cover of Vogue, she was never on David Letterman or recognized by the President, but she lived a life greater than herself. She lived a life for others and the fruit of her sacrificial spirit is daily seen in the life of her daughter, Mrs. Lenita."
--Jeremy Howard

Someday she'll show me what Heaven is.
Happy Birthday Grandma.


Tracy said...

Travis, I never had the privilege of knowing your grandmother but I see the beauty of her life reflected in your mother AND in you.

What a beautiful post in her memory! Tracy

Mary Ellen said...

I have goose bumps after reading your blog - I was privileged to have known your Grandma quite well, she was an amazing and wonderful woman and I'm so glad I knew her!

She would be so proud of you Travis and someday she will be able to tell you that herself.

Maria said...

Hey I don't know if you remember me or not, its been 6 years since I was down there. I remember seeing your Grandma several times the year I was there. I can understand what you are going through, although it was my mom I lost.

carla said...

Your grandma was a very special lady. I loved her very much. She at times was like a second mom!

Jackie said...

Travis-I knew and loved Dorcas. Your mother is a living reflection and legacy of the beautiful woman that Dorcas was. You made me cry in the tribute to her. I would gladly celebrate everyday of her life with you anytime you want! She would be honored and proud of your rememberance of her! Koudos and God bless!