06 January 2008

I wish that I could fly to where
The oceans meet the seas;
Where tides chime low the time of day,--
Yet wings can't carry me
To where the tides chime low the time;
Where oceans meet the seas.

I wish that I could harness hate,
And lock it in a chest.
Set peace aflame 'till every heart
Burned love within his breast,--
Yet flaming peace cannot burn love,
For hate's not in a chest.

I wish that I could blank the books
Of man's eternal grief;
Blot out the marks of joy removed,--
Bring finite man relief.
Yet I cannot blot out the marks
Of man's eternal grief.

I wish my pen could point to it,
And write where love began;
Or gently with my finger trace
God's face upon the sand.
Yet pen can't write, nor finger trace
The place where love began.

Travis Shillington

1 comment:

carla said...

I love the thoughts you have captured in this poem. You truly have a gift.